I've been an admirer of snakes for most of my life, as well as a collector of Peruvian boas - specifically the Red-Tail (B. constrictor constrictor)- for more than 10 years.  Although the Peruvian species are probably collected by fewer people than the other true Red-Tail, to my eye they appear more jungle-like and wild-looking compared to the Surinam and Guyana Red-Tail Boa.

My collection started with a couple of "pets", but soon my pet-count grew quickly and I found my snake collection occupying an entire room in my house.  As my snakes were maturing I thought I would allow them to propagate, with the idea that it would increase the Peruvian boa population while helping me to defray some of the cost of feeding, housing, and heating my collection of boas. After a couple of unsuccessful breeding seasons (now I know my females won't reproduce until they are at least five years old), I had a successful pairing and my first healthy litter in 2007.  Since then we've had two more litters and continue to hope for the best with future attempts.


Most of the snakes in my personal collection have names (thanks to my two daughters) and I've provided pictures of them on the website.  You can also find all of the available Newborns and Holdbacks for purchase on here as well. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free send me an e-mail. Thank you for visiting my site!



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